Everkleen meets needs

November 25, 2016
Industrial companies that have one simple -- or complex -- cleaning or painting need can absolutely contact Everkleen. Its professional, high-quality team will analyze the issue, create a comprehensive and personalized solution, then meet or exceed the goal. However, Everkleen is also widely available for maintenance cleaning and painting as well to ensure facilities stay bright and tidy year-round. Company cofounder Scott D. Wiele designed Everkleen as a full-service cleaning solution with robust offerings to the industrial business market. Solutions big and small for facilities small and large exist at competitive prices. The dedicated team is always ready to tackle one-time projects or long-term interior and exterior solutions for all businesses.

Join the Everkleen team

August 13, 2016
For some individuals, it’s just a job. But for others, helping a business achieve that sparkle and shine once again is a passion -- and Everkleen is always on the lookout for those individuals who want to help us return industrial environments to a former glory.

Anyone who would enjoy working in a dynamic environment equipped with professionals is welcome to apply and potentially become part of the ever-growing Everkleen team. Staff is not only open to those who work within the field, but also sales and general maintenance as well.

Everkleen -- as cofounded by Scott D. Wiele -- provides opportunities to those who have a passion for restoration, but may not wish to tackle the sometimes tough job on their own. Not only does Everkleen assist industrial companies with cleaning and painting projects, but we work diligently on restorative work as well, helping to remove anything from lead and corrosion to rediscovering former beauty hidden by months or years -- or decades -- of mounting grime. We encourage folks with a passion for cleanliness and restoration to join us as we tackle all of these projects.

EverKleen is Scott D. Weile’s Vision

May 18, 2016
One things that makes Scott D. Weile proud as the leader at EverKleen is his company’s ability to keep up with the latest technological advances, as well as their proven ability to customize every solution to make each individual customer happy. Because of their ability to modify their services to any situation, they can easily create a solution that fits any customer's specific needs. Their experienced specialists work with companies to identify specific issues and to analyze them to come up with solutions that are at once safe and cost effective.

The reason Scott D. Weile founded EverKleen was because he saw the need for a contractor that could provide quality industrial cleaning and environmental services that could be both efficient and less costly than the options available at the time. That meant creating a firm that cleaned and painted industrial facilities thoroughly, without breaking the bank. Customizing each job would be a major component of that.
EverKleen provides the highest quality industrial and environmental services available anywhere. Their services include industrial cleaning, painting and resurfacing, and they customize each job for each company and each plant or other facility. Under Scott D. Weile's guidance, EverKleen has assembled one of the most experienced and knowledgeable management and production teams in the cleaning and painting business. In addition to their experience, the entire EverKleen team is very results-oriented, with an eye to complete customer satisfaction. The company has stayed close to Mr. Weile's core values, which means that each and every job must be safe, environmentally friendly and priced fairly for each and every client.